Brose Controller - Change Wheel Size


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How do I change wheel size on a Brose system? The actual speed and indicated speed do not match. I had two GPS systems with my on my 2017 Raleigh Redux eBike with a Brose system. The GPS indicated around 26 MPH when the Brose controller indicates 28 MPH. Many controllers can be calibrated by changing the wheel size, sometimes by using circumference which would be most accurate.


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You can't. Brose allow individual bike builders to set up the control system and that may be delegated too designated service centres, though from all I read from the US guys indicates a very low level of support for what you are asking - it is doable but how do you get it done!!. This I think is Brose's major problem - they may have developed the best product at this point but bike manufacturers are preferring Shimano and Bosche because there may be better support. For instance - why have Scott ditched Brose for Shimano on their 2018 models?? - I don't think it's quality or performance. More likely commercial and support.