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Hey guys, today while visiting the Raleigh Electric headquarters in Southern California, I was able to check out the 2018 Tamland iE ebike, which uses the Original LCD-Display from Brose, with the Brose Drive TF (Fast) motor unit. This display is one of my favorites because it's fairly large and easy to read, removable for safe storage, and the mount has a full sized USB Type A (5 volt, 500 milliamp) port built in to charge or maintain your portable electronics. There are two parts to this display: the LCD unit and an independent button pad which can be mounted within reach of either grip. The video below goes into detail but does not explain how to set the clock or how to show range estimates (which I think is possible)... sorry, I welcome your input in the comments below!

Navigation aids:
  • How to remove the display at 0:12
  • How to activate the display at 0:48
  • How to clear stats at 1:37
  • How to activate walk mode at 2:32
  • How to change units (miles to kilometers) at 2:56

Quick tips:
  • The buttons on the LCD include: Power, Lights, and Menu.
  • The buttons on the independent button pad include: Up, Menu, Down.
  • To reset trip distance, average speed, max speed, hold Menu and Lights on the display unit
  • To activate walk mode, arrow down to no assist (you may see a little triangle next to the speed readout), then hold the down arrow.
  • To change units from miles to kilometers, turn the battery pack on first, then turn the display off, then hold the menu key and power button on the display. I had to do this one a few times, it seemed inconsistent, but it does work :)
Things I like about the display:
  • It goes bright for a second when you press any of the buttons... then slowly dims.
  • It's removable, so it won't get scratched or weather-worn over time if the bike is parked outside.
  • There's a USB port in the base of the display
  • This display doesn't require its own coin battery like the Yamah and Bosch Intuvia displays do
  • I like how the battery will stay active for two hours once you press the power button, this allows you to turn the bike on and off just using the display. After two hours, the battery goes into deep sleep mode.
  • The display may have a range estimate menu, which I did not go into on this video. You may be able to navigate there by pressing the menu button and it would update automatically as you change assist settings (Cruise, Tour, Sport)
Things that might be improved about the display:
  • It has more menus that some of the other displays and the manual was a little confusing, do we really need total trip time? It always said zero for my test bike...
  • The slide design to fit the display onto the mount does not start at the very top, you have to almost put the display down near the middle, then slide for a shorter section to have it click, and this always confuses me.
  • It seems like you have to manually power on the battery pack with Brose drive systems, which could require a reach down or back, it would be nice if you could activate the bike directly with the on/off switch on the display like most other high-end ebike systems
  • The Brose battery pack often uses a magnetic Rosenberger charging port which has a little rubber plug... but there's no leash or connector for the plug, and that makes it very easy to misplace and lose.
As mentioned in the video above, I have attached photographs of the official Brose instruction manual below (sorry about the limited quality, I took photos and then cropped them manually with a bit of contrast tweaks to be readable). The official Brose website seems to be short on information about this particular display and it seems like they may open design up to OEM manufacturers like Bulls, Specialized, and others to make custom displays. You can see this on the Specialized Turbo Vado (which has two display options, one is a touch screen) and the Turbo Levo (which just had three buttons and a Bluetooth smartphone app). This particular display panel is Brose branded and is their original layout (as far as I can tell).

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My wife just bought a Raleigh Tamland IE with the Brose motor. The only issue is the stupid position of he power assist control unit. Is there any way to attach it directly to the handlbar like a DI unit?

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My wife just bought a Raleigh Tamland IE with the Brose motor. The only issue is the stupid position of he power assist control unit. Is there any way to attach it directly to the handlbar like a DI unit?
I think you can mount it to the left side of the stem so The extension will be close to your left hand up on the bar, at which point you may be able to reach the buttons with your thumb while most of your hand is on the upper grip.