Brose S on Scott Aspect -Battery Terminals vs Water.


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This isn't a catastrophic problem but it could terminate power on any ride. Last weekend I took off on my regular 30km trail ride in dry conditions. Approx 12 km out I ran into heavy rain. After riding in torrential rain for approx 5km the power cut out on me. I knew it had to be water on the battery terminals and the system sensors had shut power off. There was no point in opening the battery in the existing conditions so rode home the hard way! Got home and dismantled the battery. There was a little water in the battery chamber but the terminals were not obviously wet which considering the level of rain was positive - BUT the bike shut down. I dried everything out overnight. Next morning put the battery on the bike and everything was operating perfectly. No further issues.
So my question is whether this is a normal condition or should the system have survived the rain. I am in NZ and I can't at this point get a definitive answer. My view is that the battery chamber is not intended to be waterproof (there are no seals) but is well designed to drain water away from the terminals. My observation was that the terminals were not wet. So I am querying whether there is a sensor that is recognising a low level short circuit caused by 100% humidity (ie moisture) cutting the system out. Has anyone else experienced the same problem? Of course I was trail riding so vibration could have thrown minor drops onto the terminals.
My next question is whether there is a recommended grease (or product) that can be applied to the terminals that would prevent the problem.


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For my snowplow I use dialectric grease on all terminals...power and control...slathered on in great quantities...connectors filled until grease squirts out. Available at any electrical or truck supply.


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I used dielectric grease on every connection when I rode vintage motorcycles and do the same now that I've been demoted to e-bikes.
That's good advice.