Brose T no power or display.

I have a BH Atom Lynx with the Brose T motor with low miles. I completed the extended warranty registration information that covers me for 5 years. Today when riding, my cassette nut came loose and the chain spun for a second. The motor then shut off. I easily fixed the loose nut, but now the display will not turn back on. I tried removing the battery, removing the display, checked connections, checked battery level (full charge), checked and clean the battery connections and nothing will fix it. Am I missing something? Is there a reset or fuse? I think I can fix it if it's a fuse or even a burnt resistor or capacitor on the board if I open the motor. I don't want to dig in if it voids the warranty though. Especially if it's an easy fix. Thanks in advance for any help or links to electrical diagrams if possible.
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