BTN dealer customer service issues

Hi all, I'm Larry and I have an online electric bike retail store. I work with dropshippers located in the U.S., including BTN.

I first contacted BTN after I viewed a YouTube video with Court speaking with them and showing off their bikes. It went well and I signed up with them.

Within a few hours of getting their products online, I made a sale. I contacted my rep and paid for the bike. It was shipped out within a couple of days or so.

While waiting for that bike to be delivered, I sold a different model of theirs and because I was told earlier there was only one left in stock, I called to make sure it was available - they said it was so I collected payment from my customer and paid BTN.

A day later I was informed that they couldn't ship that bike because the key was missing and I'd have to wait about three weeks for the next shipment. I suggested they install another battery if they had extras and if not, rather than make my customer wait three weeks, grab a local locksmith and get a key made for it.

She informed me that was against their policy and when I pressed a little harder, she told me it was a used and damaged bike. I asked for a refund, then I was able to sell my customer another bike from another company.

A couple days later, I received a message from the first customer that the bike had arrived with the derailleur poking through the box, and bent front forks due to no support between the forks.

He took pictures and I forwarded them to my rep who said they'd get new forks out in about three weeks. The customer proceeded to assemble the rest of the bike and sent pics of a bent derailleur hanger and a bent tab on the frame where the rear rack bolts on. The tab is welded onto the frame and cannot be bent back to its original position.

I again talked to the rep who said the forks, derailleur, and the rack would be sent in 3 weeks. I tried to explain that it's the hanger and not the derailleur itself but that wasn't going to work, we need to exchange the bike. (it was within their 7 day return/refund guidelines)

She insisted I should talk the customer into not returning it but to wait on the parts. After a few more times of trying to explain the bent part on the frame could not be fixed, she said OK, but my customer would have to pay return shipping. After a conversation about that, I agreed to pay the return shipping and then she told me I also must pay the shipping on the replacement bike.

She told me if they had to pay shipping they would not make a profit on the bike. I tried to explain how sometimes that happens. She wasn't having it and even made fun of me for saying to take care of a customer sometimes you lose profit. I have the screenshot of it. Anyway, it's been a disaster with BTN and I just felt like any prospective customers or dealers should have a heads up.


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Funny when Juice gets hammered the owner Tora comes on and fixes the problem which in the end, lets people know he is listening to his customers and fixing any problems. Where was the censorship then and why does BTN get a pass now? I hope BTN takes care of you now.


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Wow what happened to all the post?
Funny when Juice gets hammered the owner Tora comes on and fixes the problem which in the end, lets people know he is listening to his customers and fixing any problems. Where was the censorship then and why does BTN get a pass now? I hope BTN takes care of you now.
Hi all, I don't know anything about Juiced, Tora, or any of that history, but the thread that @Bell Electric Bikes originally posted was deleted by a moderator when it shouldn't have been. The moderator permanently deleted it instead of just removing it from view, so it cannot be restored. This is something that shouldn't have happened

I am a volunteer moderator, and am replying here in that capacity.

I'd like to thank Larry (@Bell Electric Bikes ) for taking the trouble to re-write a summary of that last thread. If the manufacturer would like to explain what happened from their perspective, they are most welcome to do so.

There was nothing in Larry's original thread that was against forum policies.

The last post was mine, closing the thread and asking the two parties (if I remember correctly, both had posted by that time), if they came to a resolution, to let me know so I could open the thread and they could post the resolution.

Part of the value of this forum is to be unbiased and allow members to explain their experiences. If a member overdoes it (by posting many duplicate threads, for example, or by creating a title that doesn't match the content of the postings--these are things that can happen when someone is upset), a moderator will intervene. We don't remove posts or threads unless they violate forum policies. We try to have a "light" presence here, and do what seems necessary to keep things constructive.

There is no policy here to remove or limit threads that are negative about an ebike maker or dealer, or where people are posting to complain about their negative experiences with a dealer, manufacturer, brand, or model. The only problem we have to be aware of, that any forum user has to be aware of, is that there are trolls who go online to cause problems, that may not be actual users, and there can also be an issue of people making up fake personas to complain about one company in order to promote another, or making up fake personas in order to gush about a company they want to promote. As a volunteer, I don't get involved with that, but refer it to those with more expertise than I who can look at IP addresses and such.

The most important policy on this forum is for posters to treat others with civility.

If one has been treated badly, to honestly report what happened is not uncivil. It can, in fact, be a helpful practice. If things start becoming less civil, or if a thread seems to have served its purpose, the thread may be closed for further comments. These things are judgment calls. And, I must say that in my opinion forums that have helpful moderation are much nicer places to be than the "wild west" of unmoderated forums. Folks are nicer and more constructive, and that makes everything more helpful for everyone. If a thread is closed and a user wants to continue the discussion, that person can always start a new thread.

A positive outcome is that @Court has created a BTN Forum, so that may draw more participation from BTN riders and customers, which may give folks a better picture of BTN ebikes and how their customers are doing with them.

I hope this explanation is helpful.
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I appreciate the opportunity to start another thread about this. Thank you.

I wanted to add to my post that originally, I thought that we may be having a communication problem due to a possible misunderstanding because of our language differences. After conversing back and forth many times articulating my meaning, it was clear they understood yet still don't grasp the idea of customer service. Especially in the original deleted thread when they posted an "official reply" stating I was the one who didn't know how to take care of my customers.

I hope they see this thread and respond - I'd like to hear from the owner directly.


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I hope so, too. Yes, it is really unfortunate that BTN's direct reply in your original thread was lost. I confirm that I read it, and that it is consistent with the version of events you have posted here. BTN is most welcome to post directly here. I couldn't find their membership--I wanted to contact them after the thread was deleted to let them know what happened. Members here are always glad to hear the perspectives of manufacturers, brands, dealers, etc.

It does make sense to me that the direct shipper be responsible for shipping-related problems. If there are other forum members here who are direct shippers or businesspeople, feel free to chime in on what ordinary business practices are in this regard. That would be helpful to everyone, and also might be helpful to BTN to understand what Americans expectations are when dealing with a brand who ships a product.


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I am a dealer and USA distributor for the brand of lithium batteries I sell. I buy directly from the factory that makes my product in China. In today's world of internet forums, people can gain all sorts of information on a product be it good or bad. I stopped advertising in magazines because the forums are a better source for sales. Positive reviews go a long way to informing potential customers if your product is liked or not. A bad review from a customer can go either way because some customers don't know how to use the product correctly and most can see through there rants. But if a dealer says he doesn't like a product because the distributor wouldn't take care of an issue that's their fault, then that carries more weight. i find it's very important to take care of all customers or dealers before it gets out of hand. Sometimes you have to take care of those that misused the product even though you know it's their fault. I at least meet them halfway to try and resolve an upset customer. Most will contact me first before they take it to the forums and that is when you need to resolve the issue. Not taking care of a dealer and forcing him to take it online is a bad move if you want your product to gain positive views. I can't tell you how many times I had to eat it to keep a customer happy. So yea, sometimes you don't make a profit.


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I'm curious BTN, do you ship your bikes with insurance? If you had, then the customer or the dealer would not have to pay money to get a new bike shipped to them. You could have avoided all this trouble if you would have replaced the broken bike at no cost to the dealer or customer. That is what insurance is for and you should incorporate the cost in the price of the bike. Just saying:)


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BTN; your response in no way, shape or form addresses the issues Bell electric bikes has with your company. He has to pay shipping three times to get a new working bike to one of his customers. The customers bike has a welded tab on the frame that is not repairable due to shipping damage so saying "we are preparing the parts to the end customer for Bell electric this week" doesn't solve the problem.
They ended up sending the replacement parts and the customer took the bike to a shop and had the tab bent back into place. BTN has stepped up with me and is allowing my customers to return bikes within 14 days. They are charging me a little more per bike to do that, but I'm OK with it. Haven't had any issues since then and will keep you all updated if that changes. Thanks!