BTN Facility Tour


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Hello all,

I was quite pleased to visit BTN's Las Vegas facility that houses their USA stock, as well as RPE battery repair. It's not terribly common for a Chinese importer of generic eBikes to have a stock of bikes in the USA ready for shipment, but even more rare BTN has a contract with RPE for both battery repair and bicycle service. Even though this is not as sensational as other parts of the industry, white label bikes play a big part in introducing more people into electric cycling. Admittedly, I was more excited for RPE

Rechargeable Power Energy is located in the same building. Their main business is to repair or replace old battery packs for electric bikes. Many of their customers either have an old bike that is no longer serviced (such as A2B, Tidal Force, Lee Iaccoca) or they want to rebuild a battery pack with more energy density than the original bike company can provide. For example, an old A2B battery pack that was originally a 36v 10Ah can be upgraded from RPE to hold 36v and 20Ah in the same casing. This is a great option for older eBike owners who want to spring some new life into a perfectly functional bike otherwise. Since RPE is in Las Vegas, the shipping costs are manageable instead of shipping a battery overseas for repair, which is so cost-ineffective that it has held repairs out of reach for the average eBike company.

For me Las Vegas was a quick 6 hour drive, so if there's anything else you'd like me to cover for a future trip, please let me know.