BTN OEM electric bikes with 42T CNC aluminum charin ring with BBS/BBSHD half price!

do you like the 42T chain ring for BBS/BBSHD

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it is a good news for the customer who buy 42T chain ring

We will use all 42T Aluminum chain ring for all ebikes which with BBSHD/BBS motor, kits from us also available with this chain ring, same as lekkie!
Most important thing is half price!

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end user can buy from EUNORAU online Shops:

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BTN Bling Ring Standard 42T

BTN Bling Rings for the Bafang mid drive motors are being celebrated as the performance upgrade for the BBS systems. All aspects of performance and durability were considered during the design process.

As it is the only front chain ring, a narrow wide tooth pattern can be used to eliminate chain derailment and increase durability by thickening the teeth. At a fraction of the weight of the stock steel rings, the Lekkie Bling Ring is the most sort after accessory for the Bafang motor systems.

Material: CNC 7075 aluminium. T6 heat treated. Anodised finish.

Tooth: 42T Narrow Wide Pattern

Compatibility: Fits Bafang BBS01 and BBS02 Motors. Suits 7,8,9,10,11 speed chains (some Sram chains do not fit. Shimano is good)

Chain Offset: 47.5mm on a 68mm bottom bracket. 2mm spacers available.

Weight: 136g

Colours: Red and black standard, more colors accept OEM.