Bulls Desert Falcon EVO 100 MILE REVIEW


I have just surpassed my first 100 miles on my Bulls Desert Falcon EVO. This is the most versatile bicycle I’ve ever ridden.

I was looking for a bike that served several purposes:
  • I wanted a bike that I could take my camera equipment,
  • That I can add and take off a sturdy, portable rack for panniers;
  • One that could be stripped down and used as a speed machine,
  • That I could take it off road to go on some unpaved trails,
  • I wanted a Class 3,
  • That would help me get in shape while I’m doing other fitness activities.

The E bikes that I have been looking at all seem to be suited for one of the above purposes and not a very good crossover for other activities.

The Desert Falcon’s design is incredible, the components include shimano GRX Di2 electronic shifting, and ICE technology hydraulic disc brakes together with the Dt Swiss rims and Schwalbe 700x32c which allowed me to keep a 17.4 average speed for 100 miles. I may change the tires to Schwalbe gravel at a wider size for light trail riding. The Desert Falcon weights approximately 41 pounds (18.59kg)

The frame’s geometry is more in line with a “touring” posture than a devoted road frame like my Focus road bike. The aluminum frame together with the carbon fork together with the big wheels absorb the bumps and make for a smooth ride. The “compact” drop bars were a pleasant surprise and provide nice control.

During my decision to buy this rocket, Max Shenk,, COO of FlyRides who understood that I am a Disabled Veteran with mobility issues, gave his time and expertise and recommended a Kinekt isolation seat post which I use with my Brooks Champion Special Ti saddle. I use OneUp aluminum pedals in “Oil Slick” which cradle my big feet and make for a very efficient power transfer.

The Bosch Kiox display is clear, it provides all info on command in easy to read and understand clusters. Each level of assist is color coded on multiple screens. However, the controls or their position could have been better designed for accessibility.

Bottom line: I can race, road, gravel and train with this bike. The bike is light enough where I do not use any assistance to a situation like my last ride when I needed a “recovery” ride from working my legs all week I used assistance a great deal.

The Bulls Desert Falcon EVO is a teched up speed machine that handles like sports car and rides like sled on snow.

FlyRides is a veteran owned business that is ebike centric with fabulous customer service. I have had the pleasure of dealing with several members of their group including Tom and Deanna and highly recommend this company.

My next bike will be a mountain ebike and I will go with FlyRides.



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Thanks for the report. Bulls really speced that one out very nicely. Very cool bike and the people at Fly Rides are some of the very best.

May your new wheels bring you many many smiles and even more miles.


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Great for you !
How tall are you and what size frame? Curious if this light beast can get up to 35 mph without spinning out as my Evo speed does.


Great for you !
How tall are you and what size frame? Curious if this light beast can get up to 35 mph without spinning out as my Evo speed does.
I am 6 feet tall…… 55” frame gets to 35 mph no problem …… some have gone 51 mph …I have not….this is solid …… I was concerned about speed but at 41 pounds and wide tires I have not found any issues

i had Bulls TR1 Speed I had i experienced Spin out….. it was at 35 mph I wished I had a higher gear.

At 35mph I do not feel I have come near “spin out” and have a way to go.
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Bike sold out ….great.

Did you ever get a sturdy rack and panniers. ?
You bet …I am very fortunate to have been able to get one.

I have an Ortlieb shopper pannier..

oldmanmountain.com actually makes racks for a variety of bikes. i have used them before, In fact, my mountain bike has one mounted for the past 15+ years. Those racks can withstand an earthquak….maybe too much for my needs on this nimble road/gravel rocket ship.

Topeak makes a rear rack the can hold my pannier…..and carry my camera equipment. I have not really decided yet