Bulls Evo 3 Hardtail 27.5+ Battery Issue (Story of EXCELLENT warranty and LBS support)


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My first ebike was a Bulls Evo 3 27.5+ hardtail. I bought it for the big 650wh battery (one of the biggest at the time) and the Brose Motor. Purchased the bike in September 2018 from an LBS which specialized in ebikes.

So far around 4k miles, had some fork leaking issues iniitally which was fixed under warranty (by suntour). Other than that, only 1 chain replacement needed so far.

While charging yesterday, the battery started flashing all 5 of the leds while charging and the charger would shut off.

Spent a couple of hours debugging this at the LBS today and Bulls is going to replace the battery. It looks like it might even be higher capacity as well (up to 750wh from 650wh)

LBS support was excellent as we debugged this issue with Bulls over the phone.

FWIW, Bulls has an EXCELLENT battery warranty of 4 years, are constantly improving them and making them backwards compatible for Brose.

Overall a hassle to troubleshoot but a good outcome.
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