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That's a sweet bike Law - it really seems to pack a punch, hitting most of the key qualities in an ebike that I'm after. I agree that the rack issue is perplexing, and I've no real ideal why they would not have addressed it. For my self, it also comes down to heavy and powerful, being able to handle the pot holes and the rocks when they come, or light and more nimble, with the resulting vibration and uncomfortableness and pain that may come with it.

Give us some additional feedback after a long ride or five. Do you feel the need to pedal or use it as an electric bike. Do you find you get as much exercise.

I'm in the market, and have my short list down to about 20 bikes, though I'll be pairing it down to between 3 - 5 and then taking some for a test ride.

It feels more about what factors or components or aspects lead to me eliminate bikes from this list at the moment. It feels ridiculous to eliminate this bike as an option because of a lack of a rack extension and yet a helpful and sturdy rack - that you can fill up on all occasions is ultimately important. Have you contacted them to ask them what their intention is. I could swear I watched a review that indicated there was such a rack extension. You've asked the company have you?

Getting exercise from an ebike depends on how much exercise your willing to do ! I've lost 20 lbs since I started riding ebikes and I could have lost 40 if I wanted to. The point is : you get as much exercise out of an ebike as you put into it. In my opinion, an ebike is a much more practical and enjoyable way to get in shape than riding a non ebike.


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Law, do you mind sharing what exact Ortleib pannier setup you went with? Must be on the small side? Sounds like you are happy with how it fits? Thanks.


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