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Bunch Bikes located in Denton, TX, operates a business importing chinese cargo bikes. Currently selling an e-trike with 24" wheel rear, 20" wheels front, disc brakes, derailleur gearing & Dapu rear hub 250w motor. From November 2018 they will sell a two wheel Bakfiets clone. Both cargo bikes are currently priced around $3k. While you could order these disassembled from the factory through AliBaba shipping direct from China is very expensive for a complete ebike and presumably even more for a large box bike, Bunch Bikes provide US based spares and after sales support, deliver fully assembled to your door, and take care of the customs and shipping.


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rich c

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Shipping cost must be crazy if delivered fully assembled to your door! It took me two attempts to get a recumbent tad pole trike delivered to my door fully assembled and not damaged in transit.


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@rich c

Shipping cost isn't too bad, depending on where you live. And it's actually getting better really soon, as we just switched shipping carriers and reduced our rates quite a bit.

Our biggest challenge right now is shipping costs to the North East. It's much higher than everywhere else, for now. We have a fulfillment center in LA that cuts our delivery costs for California orders in half.

Our bike + shipping is still more affordable than most other options that you can find for this style of cargo bike.