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I'm thinking about getting a burley trailer. Wondering if anyone has attached one to bh or haibike successfully?

Ravi Kempaiah

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@Sina has attached Burley Nomad trailer to his Neo Carbon.

I was trying hard to find a suitable hitch to attach the Nomad to my Jumper (to tackle Great Alleghany passage ;)
I think it is a easy fix. The M9 or M10 hitch from Burley is little small for the hub axle but all you need to do is grind/reduce the inner dia of the hitch and it fits perfectly.



The Burly universal mount fits most bikes with a standard axles. It was very easy to drill the hole slightly bigger to fit e bike axles. I can't remember off the top of my head what the Haibike axle fasteners look like right now but if they are not suitable for the Burley mount I'm sure I could come up with a trick for you for mounting it on the kickstand plate. I'll take a closer look when I'm back in the shop on Saturday.


Ok I see the problem now, the axle skewer ends up -a 2 millimeter thickness of a Burley mount- shy of being threaded in all the way. So your best solution is to take the kickstand plate, assuming you don't use the kickstand, and grind down the extra width of the ridge where the kickstand bolt holes are, until it is flush with the rest of the plate body and drill a new hole (measure to make sure you have enough room) for fastening the Burley mount. Here's a rough illustration.


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