Burley Nomad bike trailer on my R&M speed pedelec


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I have been running into some "impossibilities" with transporting stuff since I sold my car for a speed pedelec. Sure, a bike is not a full replacement for a car, but it would be nice if I could transport something slightly bigger/heavier than my bike bags are for and not having to borrow or rent an entire car. Enter, the Burley Nomad:


It's two-wheeled, with a waterproof cover and seems quite aerodynamic. It's not specially designed for use with a speed pedelec, but works well with it (R&M Delite HS). On a smooth road with an empty trailer, you can still hit 45km/h with almost the same effort as without. With a full trailer (40kg's) or so, 40km/h is more realistic. If the roads get more uneven (uneven tiles or something), an empty trailer will bounce around, so a little care should be taken, although it's not noticeable on the bike itself. Loaded trailer is no problem, it's rated for up to 45kg (100lbs) and remains stable at speed. On a frame with more flex, step-through and such, I expect you will notice it more and may need to adapts your speed.

Small disclaimer: this seems like a grey area in laws & regulations and differs per country. The trailer is fitted with refelectors front and rear, and does not make a rack mounted rear (brake) light invisible. With proper care, driving this should not pose a problem in my opinion, but take note of the laws and regulations in your country.

Can definitely recommend this for those who want to transport heavier or bigger stuff with your speed pedelec :)


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Agreed. Very well designed and useful. I use mine frequently on my RM Supercharger2.

The Supercharger2 uses a special RM hitch which attaches to the axle front slider screw.


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I've got something similar - a Schwinn Day Tripper. Use it for all my errands around town! It's great to have extra hauling capacity!IMG_20220209_114335937_HDR.jpg