Busted Evo Cross Dapu hub, options?


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As I write my Evo Cross sits idle behind me, a slightly ungainly (but still very elegantly styled) doorstop. The hub motor has seized. It clicked at one point on the wheel revolution for a little while prior to that before failing completely. I don't have the skills to diagnose the problem beyond that basic description.

Now what to do with the bike? I bought it second hand. It was in great condition and rode relatively happily for several thousand kilometres prior to the hub issue. There was the array of error codes over my ownership (standard for these, reading here) but they all went away with a reset, pause or quick clean of the cables and display.

BH no longer has a presence in Australia and there is no warranty coverage. The dealer I bought it from said they can take a look at it, but given they're some distance away and the threat of a lingering resurgence of COVID that might take months to action, with no certain solution. Local bikes stores have taken a look. Most baulked on sight. I did find one who would accept money to take it apart and see what they could do but they said it was unrepairable, by them at least.

Shipping another hub from abroad would be cost prohibitive, about AU$1200 or more, even if I could get one ordered. That doesn't add up on a bike I purchased for AU$1750.

Are there any other options here, save for selling the bike at scrap prices? Any hub motors that would be compatible? Any Dapu retailers that sell this model motor (the M155 I believe, seen here: https://electricbikereview.com/forums/threads/bh-dapu-m155-freehub-parts-and-maintenance.2293/)

The bike rides beautifully and I spent some money getting it set up just so, so I'm really going to be sorry if I have to give up on it completely. The battery is okay at roughly 7Ah remaining and I've upgraded a few components so it is otherwise good.

Ideally I'm after a way to get a few more years of use from it without spending a small fortune doing so. (I have since purchased a Giant ebike as my daily commuter, but my partner could certainly use a working Evo for their commute, and it's a good weekend ride.)

UPDATE: Thanks @FlatSix911, link corrected.