Buy EUNORAU Ebikes Online Big Saver via Cross Border Shipping Guide


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Buy EUNORAU ebikes online, it always makes cross-border shopping customers feel headache due to no local warehouse yet wich cause high shipping fee and duties ect. But now, we find out one good way to solve it out, that is, using cross-border shipping of third-party service provider, like,, and more.


Here is one example guide for custom shopping guide from U.S. to Canada, take Shippsy as example:

Step 1: Register one account on Shippy for free, and then get your unique U.S address. What’s more, add credits using either credit card or PayPal now or later.

Step 2: Fill up UNORAU Shipping Information Form with the given full unique U.S. address (Important: typically “Name Field” fills with “Shippy Account Number”), no matter “sign up” or “check out” page on “”.

Step 3: After placing the order of all items on EUNORAU online, the package will be shipped to above unique U.S. address.

Step 4: The information of package will be added to your Shippy account dashboard within 24 hours after being received.

Step 5: Check out the description of package and enter some information they requires,and then review handling fee along with the applicable tax and duties.

Step 6: After the package arrive in Canada, make the payment when receive their notification.

Step 7: Get one email with pickup sheet from Shippy when the package is ready for pickup at their branch locations. Moreover, the package also can mail directly to your designated address via Canada Post or UPS with additional fee.

Finally, Bring with the pickup sheet to collect electric bicycle you purchased, and take it to your home and back to the nature.

How to step cross-border shipping with Shippsy, please see the detailed guide of video from Shippsy official:

* Declaration:

(1) Our Company (
EUNORAU E-MOBILITY USA CORP) & Website ( don’t have any partnership with Shippy, MyUS and more, also never take them as recommended standard shipping method, that is, we only admit its way of cross-border shipping, because it may offer more conveniences and save more money & time to our potential & converted customers.

(2) Now
EUNORAU ELECTRIC Bicycle Online already has local warehouse in U.S and Australia, and Canada's is coming no later than the beginning of 2022. Moreover, more branches of global warehouse is in plan with fast growth of company‘s development.
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