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My question to this group, is , do you think I can build a DIY ebike almost as good as a manufactured bike?
Because of connections, I can buy a new BMW Cruise eBike for about $2500. While it looks like a great bike and has reviewed pretty well, it's got the Bosch motor and a bit limited to my liking on the top end.
I am thinking about for appoximately the same money buying the BMW cruise M-Bike Limited Edition and installing the BBSHD mid drive kit. With the kit, while it may not be as refined as the original, I know it should have the perfomance one would associate with the "M" name.
I understand I could buy a better bike with better components for less money and I'm paying for the BMW name, but with that said, I'm a big BMW guy and really like the looks of that bike.
As a goup who has a ton more experience in these things that I do, is this a silly idea? Should I just accept the fact if I want a BMW bike I should buy the factory bike and be happy with 16.5 mph top end? Could this be pulled off so it's somewhat close to a factory effort? Do you think it would be significantly better if I were to pay to have it professionally built?
Any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions, as long as they are constructive are greatly appreciated.

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James Kohls

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25km/h is a pretty slow e-bike in the U.S. Not sure where you are located. Take a look at some of the bikes Luna Cycle builds ( and you can see how nice a conversion can look. The only concern I'd have is looking at your attached photo, the distance to the bend, forward of the bottom bracket, on that bike might cause a BBSHD motor to hang fairly low and could pose some mounting problems.