Buying a bike in Europe from overseas

John Vincent 2

New Member
My wife and I live in Canada but are planning to bike tour Europe for several months each year beginning in 2021. We are planning to buy two R&M Superlite bikes and outfit them for our touring. As my wife’s family live in Europe we will store them there when we return home each year. My question is whether it is possible to buy these bikes directly from R&M and pick them up at the factory? Or is it possible to buy through a dealer in Canada and then pick them up at the factory when we arrive there? Or do we have to find some dealer in Europe to buy them from; and if so then who would that be? As we are buying two bikes and would be willing to forego having them shipped we are hoping we can make some kind of discount from R&M or whomever. Certainly we would not want to buy them in Canada and have them shipped from Germany to Canada and then back again. Any suggestions on how we might arrange this and what would be the most economical way would be appreciated.