Buying secondhand considerations


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Hi eBikers,

I'm looking to buy a secondhand Evo Cross and would like some advice on what to look out for when checking out a bike.

I guess the battery condition is a key consideration. Would it be unreasonable to ask to take the bike / battery to a dealer to run their diagnostic tool over the battery ?

What else should I look out for ? I did work in a bike shop ~40 years ago so I know my way around an old school bike. Its just the tech side of things that concerns me buying secondhand.

Thanks in advance.



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Assess the parts that wear out 1st; charge battery full and multimeter test max volts, compare the data to the spec sheet max volts; check chains, sprockets, rotors & pads, rim trueness, cable/lines for tears or leaks etc... listen to the motor while test driving... Head to toe when it's 2nd hand, in my world. Mostly, just drive it and observe each function separately, shifting, braking, rolling.... if there's funny behavior that part, specifically, needs attention. That's how I would start. Anything immediately jumping out beyond my comprehension of typical issues, I wouldn't buy... "Buy my bike but, it needs this or that" unless I know the person, no....


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Thanks Fever. I'm now the proud owner of a 2017 Evo Cross. I took it on my daily commute for a test run and returned home with 70% battery capacity so it looks a though the battery is in good condition.