Calculating / estimating how long an ebike will last


Ok so the formula I go by to figure out ebike range is Voltage x capacity(ah) for watt hours then divide watt hours by your motor watts.

i.e 48v x 12ah = 576wh / 1000w = 0.576

Take a 48v 12ah battery back and a 1000w motor power for the estimated time in decimals 1.00 is approximately 1 hour so 0.57 is probably like 33 to 35 minutes of continuous runtime.

If you want to know the estimated miles take the time and times by the speed.

i.e 0.576 x 30 = 17.28

so 33 to 35 minutes at 30 mph will estimate about 17.28 miles of distance before end of cycle.

Hope this gives ideas or helps for planning purposes.


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Well I think there is more to it... there is cool thread on endless sphere
This shows the average efficiencies that people are getting in the real world ... of course it depends.... on:
1) How heavy
2) Wind drag
3) Hills
4) How much pedalling
5) How fast - related to 2 - the faster you go the more air drag there is
6) Efficiency of motor

BUT - the non-super 2kw plus bikes in the list seem to do between 10-20 watt hours per km.
So if the battery above 576 watt hours that would last between 58km and 29km - no doubt the lower efficiency is at much higher speed so the shorter distance would be a heck of a lot less time.