California eBike! BBSHD, BBS01B, BBS02B parts repairs and support

Thomas Jaszewski

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Doug has expanded the store to include his pick in top performing products. His real warranty covers products with the performance, we promise. We both pay, but just once!i

CA eBike has the widest selection of BBSxx series parts. We solved the BBSHD rotor repair fiasco in hours. Every customer got the rebuild kit they needed. I sometimes forget that Doug was the force behind 100 and 120mm BBSxx kits. The first BBS01 100mm kit came from California eBike. The same one others copied and sold. Doug has made every improvement open source. No patents, just good intentions. Copied but with none of the heart.

message me for a courtesy discount or BBSxx series support.

Two old fellas helping our riding fellows.

Tom Jaszewski

and Doug Snyder owner.

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