California's Ebike law


I'm wondering what everyone thinks about the new law regulating electric bikes that takes effect in California on Jan. 1st. If you are unaware, it clearly defines what is and what isn't legal. Google it if you don't know about this. See chart below.

Basically it creates three types of ebikes,
Type 1 is pedal assist only, 20 mph max push, no age limit, no helmet required (18 and over) and allows you to ride anywhere you can ride a bicycle.
Type 2, same as Type 1, but allows a throttle, a little confusing the way it's written (why the distinction?)
Type 3, up to 28 mph, pedal assist only, no throttle, everyone wears a helmet, no one under 16, limited places to ride.
Past 28 mph, you have a moped, and all that goes with it.

California leads the way in regulating things like this, so expect this to spread.

I think it's a common sense set of rules that is badly needed. The current philosophy of "If you can ride by a cop and not get a ticket, it's legal" is causing a lot of trouble on the bike path, and could limit the use of the electric bike if it were allowed to continue.

The negative of the new laws is that electric skateboards are now legal, with speeds to 20 mph. These are so dangerous that you only have a 17% better chance of not getting killed if you wear all the safety gear than if you wore none. I expect the carnage to make this change shortly.

Your opinion (of the bike part)?

I didn't find this topic in the forum. If I missed it, excuuuse me.

My Kickstarter is about to launch, and now I know I have type 1 and 2 ebikes, and I'm legal. Some bikes have to make some changes. I suspect a lot of bikes will change their claims of top speed.
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