Can anything be done about wind noise?


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I enjoy riding my Motiv Shadow. However, as I start to ride over 12 mph, the wind blowing past my ears begins to bother me. At speeds of 20 to 24 mph the racket is really annoying. I wear earplugs, and they help somewhat, but the wind blows across them too, and transmits sound almost as loud. I have noticed that if I cup my hand in front of the ear the sound from the wind stops completely. Does anyone know of a solution?

Charly Banana

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I would try a different type of earplugs. For motorcycle riding I've tried several different types of earplugs and found some keep out the wind noise better than others.


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It's goofy and not by design but my helmet is a kayaking helmet with rubberized plastic earflaps that might mimick the hand cupping effect somehow.