Can Electric Bikes Be Safer than Normal Bikes?


At least for responsible riders. I have had mine (an Izip Peak) now for over a month and I must say that I feel a LOT safer riding it on public roads than my non-electric bikes. Why?
  • First, I can dart across intersections and roadways a lot quicker with the throttle assist. Ever get stuck in a high gear at an intersection? With cross-traffic? With cars waiting? You know what I mean?
  • Second, I can max out my speed to match traffic if needed. Speed differentials are dangerous.
  • Thirdly, I can now quickly zip through those troublesome sections - like that sharp corner on a narrow road with limited site distance and minimize my exposure to vehicles, especially on uphill climbs!! :)
These are things I could not do before, and in my mind, make for a safer bicycling experience.

I hope that this might help to convince our loved ones that an ebike isn't more dangerous, it's actually SAFER than a standard bicycle.

These are only a few reasons that come to mind. Feel free to chime in with others as well!


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There's no question about it other than the obvious concerning more miles possibly traveled vs increased exposure and approaching troublesome situations at a higher speed/decreasing reaction time (both for you and the car/pedestrian).
As far as going faster on a 'bike' period (let alone a heavier one with all my gear)...the jury's still out on that one for me after 30 plus years away from riding (I feel about as safe as I did in our powered parachute). ;)


Good point about speed, but that is something that you can control. You can do excessive speed on a non- electric bike too! I ride motorcycles as well so a healthy speed "awareness" factor is already ingrained in my head. For me it also helps to be as courteous as possible to others sharing the road and it does pay off. A good mirror (like mirrycle) really helps, too. Take it easy and enjoy the ride!


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Another safety factor, you can pick safer routes without regard to hills.
Exactly... You can take longer routes without getting fatigued and this means "safer" routes. I used to ride my pedal-power bike on busy streets to avoid all of the stop signs and things in neighborhoods but now I can take those stops and increased distance without the frustrating (and knee pain) thanks to the pedal assist on my ebike.

I also think that the trend towards including lights and dynamos on electric bikes improves safety a lot. I'm glad that the US market is getting to benefit from some European standards around safety.