Can Giant 6v-9w headlight circuit handle Nip & Tuck 6v-9.49w load?


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I already successfully wired an inexpensive LED headlight to my Momentum (Giant sub-brand) Transcend E+ bike this summer. The LED headlight only draws 2.4w @ 6v and it's decent enough.
(Here's my writeup on the install )

The latest Giant firmware update activates the lighting circuit by default when the bike is powered up and I always forget to turn on my battery powered taillight so I thought I'd hardwire a nice 6v Headlight/Taillight combo in place of my headlight.

I really like the Light & Motion "Nip & Tuck" lights which are now rebranded as "Vis-E Combo". I found a bike shop selling "Nip & Tuck" sets for $50 each on eBay so I bought two sets (one extra in case we get another eBike for my wife).

It was only after I received the Nip & Tuck sets that I realized that the headlight set to High (500 Lumen) and taillight draw 9.49w (1.61A), slightly exceeding my bike's max of 9w (1.5A) headlight circuit.

SO....Would wiring the 9.49w max load Nip & Tuck to my bike overload the bike's circuits, or will the headlight simply not achieve it's maximum Lumen output?

@drewberz didn't you wire a Nip 800 Lumen headlight and taillight with a combined wattage of nearly 15w into a Giant Road-E+ lighting circuit? My recollection is that it worked fine except that the Nip 800 was the same brightness when set to high (800 Lumen) or medium (400 Lumen). Have you experienced any long term issues?
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Sorry, just stumbled across this. I didn't get a notification for the tagged name...I can safely say I got reduced lumen output from the 800 model. Safety issues would come into play if the lights and associated wiring were rated less than the system was capable of outputing. No issues with powering the lights and the front light still provided a lot of light to see with. I no longer have that bike and it has been replaced by a 2020 Revolt E+ which I plan to wire with the same exact lights shortly.


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@drewberz Thanks for the update. I went ahead and wired the headlight and taillight and even though everything seemed to be working perfectly I was planning to only use the headlight on 'pulse', 'low' or 'medium' settings. Good to know it's safe to use the 'high' setting as well.