Canadian CC owners $100.00 off 7.8 battery.

David Elderton

New Member
Hello to all the Canadian CrossCurrent/AIR/OceanCurrent owners out there. We have a special on remaining 7.8 batteries! $100.00 off the already great price of $499.00 CAD. Use coupon code J62LPW05T1 on our site Shipping is dangerous cargo, so will cost an additional 59.00. Shipping to Canada only!
For those of you waiting for the 17.4 and 21 batteries, they are on order, please stay tuned. Pricing is as follows:

17.4 Battery only 1349.00 CAD
21 battery only 1899.00 CAD
Upgrade from 10.4 to 17.4 when purchasing bike add 500.00
Upgrade from 10.4 to 21 when purchasing bike add 999.00

Best Regards,

David Elderton
Owner, Hill Eater Ebikes Ltd
Official Canadian distributor of Juiced Bikes