Cannondale Quick Neo SL2 X35


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Cannondale.jpgCannondale Wahoo2.jpgPicked up the Cannondale Quick Neo SL2 at REI. Kickstand added. I have 3 other ebikes but I wanted to get back to being able to ride without assist. Easily 14mph on the flats with no assist. Assist just for hills or just to get home, or when that gal passes me on her road bike going about 18. Caught her at the light.. Size L I have a 34 inseam and fit no problem. Added an adjustable stem, Altus 9spd shifts fine. Road vibration no problem, Just get out of the saddle for the big bumps, I've taken it on roads, grass, gravel and trails. Added Orange Seal in the tubes- maybe that will help with a flat. Had to buy new tubes as the originals did not have removable cores. Bike is 36lbs. I was able to add modes and battery level direct to my Wahoo Element gps so no phone app needed. I have the Vegas Honor Ride in November which is 40 mi. so we'll see how the battery lasts. That's a cool ride- police shut down the strip for about the 2-300 riders at the start of the ride and all the tourists clapping for you. Fairly quiet when using assist but not as quiet as my BBS02 on my mtn bike. Of course the mtn bike is full suspension so the ride is smooth, and it goes up anything, I have a Ride1Up Lmtd and it's fairly smooth with an air fork, but it weighs over 50lbs and no way you can ride for long w/o assist. Update- completed 43 miles cumulative and 44% battery left using maybe half of the ride with no assist. Or about 3/4 mile per battery % used. Top speed so far 27mph. I find setting the tire pressure near the hi end of 80-85psi gives a faster more responsive feel. Can't tell any ride quality difference than at 60psi. I like the rear tail light-bright. Having the assist modes and battery dispayed on that Wahoo gps is gold. It just automaticaaly added the fields when paired. No phone apps involved.