Cannondale Synapse NEO SE 2020: 700c wheels, will they fit?


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Just bought a Cannondale Synapse NEO SE, and very happy with the bike! It comes with 650B wheelset, good for gravel, but I'm considering picking up a second wheelset with 700C wheels, with narrower tires for longer road rides. I understand that the Synapse NEO 1 ships with 700c wheels, and that it's possible to use the smaller diameter 650b wheels on the NEO 1 frame. Has anybody swapped the 650b wheels on the Synapse NEO SE out for a 700c wheelset? I would really hate to spend $800 on a set of 700c wheels and discover that they won't fit on the NEO SE frame. The Cannondale website didn't seem to have much information.


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I realize this is a several months old post, but in case it might help you or someone else, I just bought a NEO 1, and if I understood correctly, the frames are identical. I can get a 700C x 55mm tire on the front, and at least a 700C x 42mm on the rear. (The motor is the limiting factor.