Can't Decide Between Pedego City Commuter or Surface 604


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Hi everybody. I'm getting ready to purchase my first electric bike and this forum has been very helpful. Thanks for sharing so much information.

I'm in Los Angeles and my daily commute is 9 miles each way, mostly flat and mostly city. I've tested the Pedego City Commuter and I liked it a lot. But the price seems really high. I've been researching a lot of other brands and I can tell you a few things that I'd like in a bike.

First of all I'm just under 5'6" so it needs to have a frame that works for me. Also I'd like a step through frame. I really enjoy the feeling of pedal assist as well as throttle so I'd like both features. I like the more upright feeling of a city bike, I don't like the wide handlebars of a beach cruiser. I'd like a bike with fenders since I'll be riding on the streets and it may get yucky since the drought is apparently over here in California (possibly?).

Based on the features I like I've narrowed it down to the Pedego City Commuter and the Surface 604 Rook which seems to have a lot of the same features but is priced A LOT lower. There is a Pedego dealer very close to my house but the Surface 604 dealer isn't prohibitively far in Santa Monica.

Any opinion on one versus the other is welcome and if I've missed out on another bike that you'd recommend altogether. I don't want one that I can't get serviced locally in LA and one with a crossbar is a bit of a bummer for me. Perhaps a hybrid frame would be fine. I'd prefer to stay under $3000 if possible but I can spend more for quality.

Either way, thank you for reading my post and I appreciate any feedback.


I bought a Rook, and I just hit 100km. I'm around 5'4" and find it comfortable. Bought it over the Rad City because I needed something 500w.

I like it, I wanted the torque sensor and a step through. I have a short commute but appreciate the front fork and cushy saddle :)



I've checked out every e bike on planet Earth and watched a great many of Court's reviews. Without question, Surface 604 is the hands down winner over Pedego.


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If you haven't ridden one, I suggest you make the trek to Santa Monica to try the Rook. Test riding your options usually makes your decision easier, or at least much more informed.

I looked up specs on the Rook, and it seems like a fine bike. The battery capacity is about the same as our shorter range battery (I'm a Pedego dealer). Our extended range battery is a great value (50% more fore $300), but it's not absolutely necessary to do 18 miles daily, especially if you pedal a little. The Rook's motor is decent and from a reputable company. It has torque sensing pedal assist, which some people love (I don't, but it's fine). Pedego has a better warranty. Those are the main things I noticed "on paper".

I'd love to see you get a Pedego City Commuter, but don't let a lack of fenders or the wrong bars stop you from getting a different bike if it's perfect for you otherwise. Fenders can be easily and cheaply added to most bikes, and the same goes for swapping bars. When someone buys a new bike from us, we often do things like that at no charge.

Good luck finding the right bike!


Torque sensor on the Rook can be a bit sensitive if you have stop and go commute. Be cautious at street corners!

I own the rook, have about 150km on it as a 5'5" lady, and it's adjust ability, rack, lights and tires are great. I don't use the full range of gears, and would almost prefer fewer, but I have a flat commute around 4km.

Range has been great for me, about 75-80km estimated on a charge. When I went on errands in really cold weather, the demand was much higher and closer to advertised.

Personally can't wait for summer. Probably going to add down lighting in addition to the integrated.


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I also recommend making the trip to Bike Attack Electric in Santa Monica. They carry Surface 604 and I had a Colt as a loaner bike while my Juiced Bikes Cross Current was having a spoke replaced. While it has a torque sensor I thought it rode more like a cadence sensing bike (more of an on/off motor feel).

Some other bikes to consider -

Stromer ST1 - 16.5" step-thru (Bike Attack should have one possibly within your budget on sale)
Smartmotion Pacer - small frame (Bike Attack should have one)
Elby - although a test ride is adviseable as the frame is one-size-fits-all
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Thanks all. I went to the Electric Bike Expo in Long Beach today and NONE of the bikes I wanted to try were there. The Rook and the e-Joe Gaddis weren't there. I've tried the Pedego a few times already and I like it. I did try the Stromer today. Wow, what an amazingly tight ride. Felt like a BMW. I tried a bunch of other completely forgettable bikes but the Stromer was amazing. Also very costly.

Still need to try the Rook and now an e-Joe. Dangit, I really wanted to buy a bike today.


WMV, what bike did you decide on? I've owned the Pedego City Commuter and was mostly happy with it...quality components and features, BB7 disc brakes, nice LCD display, integrated lights etc...the disadvantage being rear-heavy with the battery placement. My replacement after its theft was the Ejoe folding bike for more security, and while the balance is better, comparing a folding bike vs full-size is apples vs oranges, Ejoe just serving the purpose of commuting. Also the reason for my post is I'm looking at the Rook or Bulls Lacuba as a possible future purchase.


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Hey Joe-

I finally test drove the Rook and was really impressed with its build quality. I prefer the twist throttle that the Pedego has and the fact that the throttle is limited to your level of pedal assist is a bit annoying but it feels very solid and the battery mounted on the down tube really creates great balance. It had plenty of power for me and the front fork made for a very sporty ride. Also the price is way lower than the Pedego. I wish that Rad Power had a step through. I may take a Rad Mini for a spin if I can find one but I think the Surface 604 Rook is the big winner. Will probably buy one next weekend.