Can't find my Turbo on iPhone 7



I got my new iPhone 7 matt black and I love it!! But now I ran into problem with new iPhone 7 can't find Turbo in Mission Control app. Anyone got the same problem?


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I'm using a 6s and it finds it without issues. I have only used Mission Control once, though, because it seems to limit power to Eco70. I'd rather be able to choose between Eco and Turbo at will.


I don't use Mission Control much for tracking my rides or tuning on the fly. I use it for mostly run diagnostics and keep track on battery cycles. My suspicion is more leaning toward problem in iPhone 7 itself or new iOS 10 rather then buggs in Mission Control app. I use bluetooth ear buds at work with Spotify. It's the same there problem automatic detecting sometimes. This problem started when I got my new iPhone.


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I had the same experience with my turbo levo FSR after upgrading to the iPhone 7 last week. Mission control found the bike with no problems when I had an iPhone 6. I reached out to Specialized who confirmed that mission control is not yet compatible with iPhone 7, but they are working on it.