Canyon Press Release - September 1st, 2020


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Hey, guys!

The guys over at Canyon are working on some pretty slick looking bikes and not-bikes! What do you guys think?


*Press Release*

On Tuesday September 1, 2020, Canyon will present the Commuter:ON and Precede:ON, two new and innovative e-bikes that are sure to have an immediate impact on how people move around the city. They will also reveal the Canyon Future Mobility Concept. The concept is not just a unique vision for the future of urban mobility, it lays the groundwork for the German brand’s path forward, creating bicycles and forward-thinking concepts that enable urban dwellers to seamlessly move between roads and bike infrastructure alike. Vehicles with space to transport children or larger luggage that also offer protection from the elements. Vehicles that are – above all else – sustainable, clean, and future-oriented.

The Commuter:ON 7 and Commuter:ON 7 WMN will retail for €3,299*. Despite its list of city-ready features like built-in lights, fenders, and a sturdy rear rack, the Commuter:ON is still deceptively lightweight. At a mere 17.2 kg in size M, the low weight guarantees the bike can be easily taken on public transit or carried upstairs to an apartment.

The Precede:ON is the bike of the future. Thanks to its striking carbon frame, the Precede has already won the 2021 German Design Award, but the aesthetic of the bike only scratches the surface. The powerful Bosch motor and battery are seamlessly incorporated into the frame and the cockpit follows suit. Thanks to a Gates belt drive and a simple automatic shifting system, the Precede:ON 9 offers a truly care-free riding experience while making a strong argument that there’s no need for a car in the city. A bright Supernova light system, strong aluminium fenders, a kickstand and a robust rear rack with the Ortlieb 3.1 quick lock system all come pre-installed on the bike. The Precede:ON 8 and 8 ST are both available for €4,299*, and the Precede:ON 9 and 9 ST for €4,999*.


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I'm really liking the Precede:ON: a great urban ride with a clean aesthetic and carbon frame, Bosch CX, Enviolo automatic IGH, Gates belt, racks, fenders, lights and comes in a step-through design as well.

However, according to Bikerumor:
Canyon confirms that they will not make it to the US market in 2021.

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Really looks like Stromer bikes. I wonder if these will be Bosch CX or Performance Speed motors. I'll be a while before they will sell any ebikes to U.S. though.