Cargo bags for a Multicharger Mixte


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Hey All,

I ordered a Multicharger 2021 but one of the options I didn't place was for the cargo panniers...the large ones designed for this model. My LBS tells me I cannot add this on the order without some trouble. Like cancelling the order and re-ordering. So I looked into adding the TERN Cargo bags but I think my feet would hit the bags as I am pedalling.

So if anyone has a set they want to sell or give me some ideas in how to acquire a set please let me know.


David Berry

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Ipswich, QLD
Your R&M dealer should have no trouble in ordering the bags for you.
… David


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OK just off the phone with the dealer. He says ordering would be prohibitively expensive because of the shipping and duties. They list the bags for about $250 Canadian and so he said you add on another $70 for the extra expenses. I am still unconvinced that they cannot change my Multicharger order since it hasn't even gone into production. If its a time to order operation, then it would seem orders should be able to be changed (computerization of time to order procedures) and should be able to be adapted.

This happened to me when I ordered my BMW i3. I did two major changes before the vehicle were put on the assembly line and they could change options and adapt to the dealership requests (my request to be precise).


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OK just looked at some alternative panniers. The one I am leaning towards are the Tern Cargo Hold 37. They are 18" long and will fit the Multicharger rack with plenty of clearance for interference free peddling. This was my main concern and was addressed when we tried the measurements on a 2020 Multicharger rack. These bags are larger in volume as well.

Mike Owen

This just highlights to me why R&M should create an online shop for accessories. Tern websites display accessories excellently. Then point you to a dealer. Then if there is no dealer convenient to the customer, Tern offers products direct from their web shop. An excellent service to loyal customers.

Tern can do it, why not R&M? Are Tern massive and R&M minnows?

R&M have a increasingly impressive array of well designed add ons. Sadly they are hidden away from customer view. Not sure why they think their customers should only ever want to buy stuff for their bike at the original point of bike order.


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You are right Mike. I wondered about this myself with R&M accessories. The dealership told me if I didn't order the accessories at the same time, its really troublesome to add or change the order once its placed in their R&M system. Firstly, all the accessories are slotted for the construction of bikes at their factory so having extra items afterwards is not something easily available. Their whole model of retail is based on placing orders for completed bikes so I don't think they given that part of their business much thought. Maybe this issues has come up because of Covid as well.


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Here is the Multi Charger Mixte Vario with my TERN Hold 37 bags installed. Fit perfectly and can hold a week's supply of our groceries.


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