Cargo bike for a family of three?


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Hi Court

Thanks a lot to offer this opportunity.

I am a father of three kids living in Lisbon (Portugal) and I am thinking to change the car for a e-bike in my day-by-day commute.

I have kids in ages of 10, 7 and few weeks.
From home to work I have to travel around 20 km each way and in the middle it’s the school.

I have the option to use train and bike, but the cargo bikes are too big for the train). I love the trend bikes, but I don’t know if fits the 2 toddlers and the other good option It’s the Radwagon

what it’s your thoughts about it?

thansk a lot!


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The Radwagon is a great configuration, but the wheels require frequent repairs. The DD drive is suitable for long flat rides at 15-20 kph;DD uses too much electricity if you stop every 200 m as I have to. 7 speed shimano shifters are kiddie grade.
The bodaboda left is similar but higher quality, 8 speed SRAM shifters for pedaling up & down steep grades unpowered. I have ~8000 km on mine, no issues except my foot broke a fender mount. It costs about twice as much as a Radwagon.
Reiss & Muller operates in Europe; they have stretch frame and front bin cargo bikes both.
See the cargo category under bikes by type forum.


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The baby will be too young and will need a carseat no matter what. it has to be till they can hold their head up before you can use a trailer even. so you would need to haul the trailer behind.


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The bodaboda has provisions for mounting a car seat of certain brands to the rear rack. In fact, it will take two of them. There is a front basket accessory for the inevitable diaper bag + supplies. The front basket doesn't swing with the wheel, it is fixed to the frame.
When the child reaches the toddler stage, bodaboda has a wheel guard to keep fingers out of the spokes. There is a set of auxillary handlebars and an accessory shelf for children 5-10. The footrests come standard. And the rack extends to the back to hitch one of those auxillary bikes with pedals & a rear wheel but no steering for 8-14 year olds.


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I think if you are living in Europe buy something with bosch. They have good after sales service especially you are going to ride it each and everyday. Tern or yuba will be good