Cargo Capable Commuter ?


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Faraday Porteur , Wallerang M .01 are cargo capable but not specificly Cargo Bikes .
Any other Cargo Capable Commuters I should look at ?


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I see that Court has these bikes listed under Cargo .
So I'll rephrase my inquiry .
Cargo Capable Commuter , OR , Commuter Capable Cargo Bikes ?

Chris Nolte

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What do you think you might like to carry? I personally ride the Riese & Müller Load quite a bit. I use it for grocery shopping, laundry, Home Depot runs, etc. But everyone's needs are different.


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I recently switched from riding with a backpack on , to a front Wald 198 basket and rear rack .
Happy to get that monkey off my back .
My current everyday carry , is a 12 L x 13 H x 8 W re-usable shopping bag , and I prefer using the basket to the rear rack , though I haven't yet tried panniers , or a transverse saddlebag .
I also prefer 700c to 26 or 650b .
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Chris Nolte

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Great idea about getting rid of the backpack. There aren't too many 700c cargo bikes per say, but really any bike could be a cargo bike. From my perspective I wouldn't necessarily call the Wallerang a cargo bike, but it's definitely quite capable.

Most bikes we would consider cargo bikes have smaller wheels and can carry 100lbs and up of cargo. The smaller wheels keeps the center of gravity lower. If you're Load isn't very heavy it might not be so much of a concern.

It sounds like you're needs aren't that extreme and you could fit a rack and basket on most bikes. You could also fit some large panniers like the ones below called Ortlieb Back-Roller Pro. They can handle your bag and some.


From considering some the cargo ideas you'll need to think about the terrain you'll be riding on, distances and budget. Can you let us know some of that?


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Looking for models like the Faraday Porteur and Wallerang M .01 .
While not Cargo bikes , carrying everday lighter loads is integrated into the design .

I'll be riding in hilly terain , around 20 miles round trip .
Budget is upto $3500.

If I could put a front rack and wider than the stock 38mm tires on the Trek XM700+ , that could work .
I like the geometry and upright riding position and it rides and handles like a bicycle .

And the 2017 Easy Motion EVO Cross might work , if I can install a front rack .
Although it's a rear hub ; not sure about that .
I would go with Ariel Rider C-Class .

Rear rack is part of the frame which is welded so their website claims to carry upto 300 lbs and also has front rack.

As i know recently they have some clearance sales for $1500 .

The motor is pretty powerful which is same motor with pedego or bh (dapu motor if i am correct) .