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I have an ebgo CC50 ebike with the 48v 9.8 amp battery and am trying to find the range. Can anyone tell me how low a number the BMS can go before the battery dies, I was down to 46.1 today. The number is in the bottom right-hand corner on the display. Also, how accurate are the power bars under the BMS number.


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First, given the choice, running batteries down to the point the BMS shuts them off is hard on them. No, not going to hurt anything if you just have to know how far you can go to get to that point.

As I have plenty of capacity, no need to run my batteries low. I generally charge them when they get to 46v or so.

Know that when the battery gets down below 46v, placing a large load on it, like a wide open climb up a hill for instance, can cause the battery pack voltage to "sag" to the point it shuts down. Once reset, it will still have power left, generally enough to get you home if you cool it.....