CCX Arriving Friday! Any preventative maintenance/ QC checks I should do at unboxing?


Yes, in that order: Hafny, brake, throttle, display, from left to right. It took me some time to figure out which screw to tighten first.


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Completed my first commute this morning. 1:40 door to door, including a detour that took me an extra ~10 minutes due to terrible signage and unfamiliarity with that particular part of town. Driving this same route takes 1:15, so I'm happy with the time it took. (Freeway takes 40 minutes to 1:15 depending on the supply of stupid juice that morning/afternoon). On a normal pedal bike, I'd do this in 1:17 door to door using a train for all but 8 miles, and it took about 2:15-2:40 to ride the entire route depending on wind and effort level.

Assist level 2, I'll post the AH used when she's done charging (decided that the cycle satiator will live in the ortleib saddle bag - the weight penalty is worth extending the life of the battery).

I'll try and snap a pic on the way home at my favorite spot of the commute - a lovely pedestrian bridge that borders a rose garden. I posted a night pic of the bike in my other thread.

Mods/accessories so far are:
Cycle Satiator
Ortleib Back Roller Classic bags
Relevate Design Mountain Feed Bags (2) for hydration/ phone/wallet
Ergon Grips (they're ok, might switch back to stock grips with a mod to allow for the mirricycle)
Cycliq Fly 6 CE and Fly 12 CE camera/battery. Drivers recognize these, so they definitely help with average driver interaction, and I've used video (from a Garmin Virb) in the past to get bad commercial drivers reprimanded. The stock mount is crap, I cobbledsomething together with an old off brand gopro helmet mount and zip ties - I'll replace this with something less... cobbled.
Cygolite head and tail light on the helmet, flashing. The headlight helps a lot - some perceive it as a camera, and the "pointability" helps grab attention from the phone.

Edit: charge complete. 10.94 ah used. Uploaded picture taken the other night on a test run. View attachment 31187

I plan on getting the Cycle Satiator. I looks to be cheaper on amazon than juiced site. Do you know the settings I need to put in the profile do to the 80-85% charge?