CCX or HyperFat 1100 ??


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I have been looking at the CCX to purchase. However, the HyperFat 1100 has caught my eye. I live in the north Dallas, Texas area and I'm looking for a commuter Ebike. 95+% of my riding will be pavement/road. Presently my commute to work is 30 miles round trip. This will double towards the end of the year when I move. Like any other city, the roads are not always smooth and/or level to ride on. I'm not so concerned about the cost difference between the 2 Ebikes. I am concerned about the reliability and safety. As the weather can be unpredictable in this area I want to still be able to safely ride when it's raining, or after it has rained.

I would appreciate any constructive advice anyone has to offer.

dave stearns

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I have visited and jogged in Carrollton extensively and ride a CCX in South Florida.

With your surfaces when dry, I see no disadvantage to the skinny tires. I like the power and range in our paved paradise. I don't ride wet as a rule.

I commuted via DART downtown alot. They have great bike lockers. I think your doubling of commute distance is very problematic here. Would need to consider route.

Don't know the other bike. But knowing the seasons, I agree with your focus. How important are fat tires when you will be regularly be riding hard surface wet traffic conditions?

I don't have that answer. But I think you are asking a good question.

Hello Dutch people?


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If you need speed, then the HyperFat may be the ticket, but I'm not sure what the advantage of the fat tires would be for a long, pavement based commute like yours - even in the rain. If you're really planning on riding a 60-mile round trip commute, you may need that speed when its dry but when it's wet, even with fat tires you'll want to rein it in a little. Maybe someone else can comment on whether fat tires significantly increase safety. I see the stock tires are slicks; I'm not sure how much advantage those will offer on wet roads and it's possible they'll be significantly more flat-prone than the Schwalbes that come with the CCX.

You'll have to charge at work during the day so probably plan on getting a second charger. I don't think you can comfortably cover 60 miles on one charge, even with the big battery.


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You can fit a 60mm tire in front on the CCX and a 55mm in the back instead of getting a hyperfat. Or at least you could on the CCS, not sure if CCX is different.

Personally, I'd consider some of the Bafang Ultra models over the Hyperfat, like the Rize RX (I think it's called). Or the Frey HT

Bruce Arnold

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I'm not sure what it is about the HyperFat that you prefer over the RipCurrent S.

It would be a little faster, and on a 30 mile commute that might make enough difference to you. Myself, I'd rather have the rack and fenders for commuting. You'd save about $1500 too.

And then there's legal issues. The HyperFat is not technically street-legal. Since I doubt seriously that any LEO is going to put the bike on a dynamometer to test whether the motor is in excess of 750 watts, to me that's a non-issue, but it would matter to many.

Not disagreeing with you, just curious.


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where would one buy a Hyperfat? am i missing something? i have never seen Hyper Fats in Stock, never.