Chain guard / bash guard upgrade modification

Alex von

New Member
Like many people already I found that the OE chain guard was clogging up with mud and causing problems, so I purchased the upgrade rings already on the market. I have only had the bike for 8 weeks and I've gone through 2 already (I swear they are made out of cheese) Then came the decision to change the chainring from 17T - 16T; which then would not allow me to tighten the upgrade locking ring to its required tightness. (picture attached to show the clearance issue and the OE lock ring)
(Link Removed - Attachment No Longer Exists)(Link Removed - Attachment No Longer Exists)

So I have taken matters into my own hands and turned down the OE locking ring on the lathe. I'm very happy with the modification, not only is it helping the mud and crud escape that area but it's certainly easier to torque up than the upgrade rings in my opinion.

(Link Removed - Attachment No Longer Exists) (Link Removed - Attachment No Longer Exists)