Chain lock discussion wanted


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So, what thickness works OK for majority of theft protection? I'm looking at the Titanker bike chain @ 8mm & 2.5# (3.3ft) for $17 OR the 4 ft. Krptonite Keeper 712 at 7mm & 3.7# for $34. How many here have lost an ebike using these thickness of chains?? Prices at Amazon.


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Depends where you are locking. I use a really heavy chain or 3 for locking to our trailer and use a magnetic lock. It can still be cut but takes time. On bike I use a light chain but still worth about $60. Sorry, I do not know the thickness but they were the best I could find.


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That article pointed out something important that I had not considered:

" However, the chance of of your chain being cropped can be significantly reduced by keeping the chain as far off the ground as possible when you lock your bike. In order to crop a chain, the thief will need to use one arm of the bolt cutter against the ground as leverage. The further your lock is off the ground, the more difficult and less effective this will be."

My strategy after watching video of how easily they steal locked bikes became this: with a $200 USD budget for locking up, I'm going for a bunch of different locks cable and chain combos.
Got an Abus U-lock immediately for through the triangle or frame, to the rear wheel

I also ordered 3 from here because it was much less pricey than Canada gets...we'll see how that works out later.

I got 2 of these just in time, sold out now

I also bought 1 of these
OnGuard Pitbull Mini Standard Shackle U-Lock/Cable - 90mm x 140mm x 14mm

It's like $20 USD !

Add another cheap cable lock I already owned.

All to go in the pannier boxes if I'm going to lock it for more than 5 minutes. So far nobody has stopped me from walking my bike into stores like Walmart or Sportcheck or CanadianTire, that have bike supplies. :) And Home Despot, Lowes, etc.
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Honestly an angle grinder will go through any of those locks like butter in less than 5 minutes. A good strategy is as many as you can, rather than the thickest. Best you can do is make it really annoying.