Chain rings for a NuVinci

The Pioneer now comes with an option to replace the 24-gear derailleur with a NuVinci hub. The gear ratio is a lot smaller with the NuVinci, but the NuVinci is maintenance-free and is smooth (no gear-knashing). My question is: what do you think about a multiple chain ring in such a set-up to improve the gear ratio?

Greg A


Where did you learn about this?
I have the Pioneer Allroad on order and am curious about this option.

I looked on their website but could not locate it.


You can contact Optibike about it. I heard that they are willing to replace the Nexxus with the NuVinci on the Pioneer City, or at least offer the NuVinci in the future--not sure. However, this offer may only be valid for certain offers.


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Because the NuVinci is a variable hub, you will not gain more gearing unless you add chainrings that develop higher highs and lower lows than NuVinci offers. The biggest benefit of the NuVinci is it's simplicity and you loose that adding forward gears.
I am trying to find out if a dual or multiple chain ring (as on the Pioneer Allroad) would work okay with a NuVinci hub. Will the chain twist be problematic? Just as the chain ring on the Allroad expands the gear ratio with the cassette, I want to know how it would interface with a NuVinci.