Change of Ownership Desired and CEO change?


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The sky is falling, I guess were going to have to figure out how to turn our own allen wrenches.

So lets see here between the time when I bought my 1994 Dodge Ram 2500(currently with 417,000 miles on the original engine), and the 2015 Ram 2500 (7,600 miles) Chrysler went through the following:

1995 With the help of an X CEO, billionaire Ken Kerkorian attempted a hostile takeover over of the entire company.
1999 Chysler was sold to Daimler-Benz
9/11 happens the US spirals into the GWOT fighting two seperate wars in Afghanistan and Iraq both wars last nearly a decade.
2007 Chysler is sold to Cerberus Capital Management in hopes of turning a quick buck via a leveraged buyout. Cerbus liquidates a majoity of there onwership position to UAW.
2008 Financial crises, production goes from 34 different models in 2007 to just 15 in 2008. Chrysler announced that they were dangerously low on cash and may not survive past 2009.
2009 Chrysler files for chapter 11 bankruptcy after being denied bailout funding by the federal govt. The federal govt does a 180 and infuses $6.6 Billion which were given in the form of shares to the US and CA govt the cover debt and resale.
2010 Fiat buys up all outstanding shares own by federal governments in North America, controlling ownership changes from United Autoworkers to Fiat (Italian Company).
2014 Chrysler announces a name change from Chysler Group LLC to FCA LLC

............and yet, I recieved amazing service at all the dealerships throughout the US (throughout the years) you can still buy a Dogde, Jeep or Chrysler.

I am constantly floored in this community of the great lack of respect for the incentive that money provides humans. Corporations are money printing machinces, nobody buys a company only to close it.

Mergers and acquisitions happen daily, in all industries. Who gets concerned when AT&T buys sprint or T-Mobile? Your cell phone still works and when you break it the store is there to fix it or sell you a new one.

This is what I know about Stromer, they make a great product that people pay a premium for. They are on the forefront on e-bike inovation and refinement (yes my Tesla and my bicyle updated themselves this morning). They are nationally backordered on the ST2 until "at least mid July" and are recieving a large demand signal. They are releasing a new model "soon."
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