Change PAS from five magnet to 12?


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Not sure where to post this

Wondering if I can get a smoother PAS set up with more magnets on the ring, can those just be swapped out as long as the ring is the same size?


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I saw a post somewhere else, where this was done. The original poster found that magnet spacing was critical. When he added more magnets, the sensor could not tell where the magnetic field from one stopped and the next one started, until he increased the diameter of his disk. With similar spacing, the PAS worked. If you wanted to keep the same disk size, maybe a magnetic shield before and after the sensor would keep the fields from overlapping.

So how does your PAS work? Mine will supply a certain level of power at each level, and quit when the pedal rpm hits the maximum rate. My 36V bike will do 12-14 mph, 14-16 mph , and 16-18 mph in levels 1 thru 3. If I doubled my magnets, it would still do that, but since it thinks I am peddling 2X faster, it just does it at a lower pedal rate. I don't know if that would be much smoother when just starting out in level 1.

I think smoother would be more levels, each set for lower power.


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i actually do not know what kind of pas system this is....
just checked the electrobikeworld website and it just says pas

it does not have levels, seems to be either on/off
then the bike has throttle override

was thinking since it does not have levels etc maybe the more magnet disc would be easier to do, but i have no idea

need to find a shop in phoenix that does a lot of diy electric bike stuff...