Changing from Zoom brakes to Shimano Brakes with electric cut off


I have an E-Joe Koda that has I believe non labeled Zoom 875 hydraulic brakes with electric cutoff. They kind of suck. I bought the bike second hand and the brakes had no pressure and barely stopped the bike. I figured they just needed a rebleed. After bleeding the fronts they worked great. I rebled the rear 3 times and never got them working well. Since then the front brakes still work, but are seeping fluid from where the lever presses in to engage the brake.

I think I want to just replace the brake system. What I'm looking at are these:

What I would like to know before ordering them is, will the electric cut off cables fit in the same threaded hole? The E joe came with quick connect cords that thread into the brake lever. I would only want to order these if that is a "standard" size. I don't really want to cut and splice on them. The cables that came with the bike are great looking and I don't want to hack them up. Any idea?