Charge City Ebike in South Florida


They claim a 10 minute assembly upon arrival. Took me 12 minutes. A great entry into electric bikes.


Sits well. comfy saddle.
Battery is removable (I know pros and cons here but for me it's a pro)
Weighs 40 lbs. when battery is removed.
Lights are always on, a good safety feature
Display unit is small with good info.
I like also having a throttle.
In Stock!! Arrived in 5 days from order!!


In Florida single speed shifting is preferred. (Comes with a 7 speed)
Quality of manufacture is nothing special but good enough.
Fenders easily rub against tires, but I think I have under control
No suspension accessories, but keeps weight down.
Class 1, top speed only 20 mph.

All in all, a great value.


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Heh you speak of value but dont say what you paid for it for us curious to know...