Charge Comfort? has anyone tried this brand?


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Has anyone heard of the Charge comfort? I am just beginning my ebike search and i have seen this advertised. It is $1799 and has some appealing features, but the power seems low at 250w. I am not sure if that is terrible for me as i live in a pretty flat coastal area with mostly small hills. I am looking to do riding for fun and just want to keep up with others on rides and improve my distance. The company is owned by the same owners as Cannondale and Schwinn.
I like that it has a throttle, step through, upright riding position, rack and fenders. It also has folding handlebars and pedals for easier storage.
A local bike shop is listed as a dealer so i will be looking into a test ride.
Any feedback on this brand? Any alternates i should check instead?


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The good thing is that you stated it can be purchased at a local bike shop (LBS). Being that your new to e-bikes, I wouldn't be weary of any internet bike purchase. The LBS support is very valuable. With that being said, I did have a past (good) experience with Rad Bikes out of Seattle back in 2018. But my last three e-bikes have been purchased from a LBS.

The fact that they don't list the manufacture/make for most of the bike's components tells you that they are using very low end /entry level components. The power is low compared to most current hub driven motors.

Do a lot of research and learn the difference between Cadence and Torque Sensor bikes as well as hub drive vs. mid drive motors. One may be more appealing than the other. There are also a great deal of reviews on this forum that can be educational. Test ride as many bikes as you can. They all have a different feel.