Charged Up Electric Bike Media Event in NJ May 14th-15th

Chris Nolte

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We learned of this event a couple of weeks ago, but figured it would be a good idea to share here in case anyone is interested. I'm not so clear on how the registration works, but I have requested access and I will post back when I learn more.

From the website:
This breakout event connects key New York City non-endemic and endemic media to leading brands in the e-bike and outdoor technology movements. Charge: An E-bike and Outdoor Technology Media Event, helps generate coverage of and puts a spotlight on the growing e-bike movement in North America and the emerging trend of outdoor friendly gadgets and apps.
More info at:


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Could be a good event. Nothing on the website about who the sponsors will be, or what the actual schedule is like. This is one I might attend if and when more info is available.


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Thanks Chris! I had heard about this as well and was debating whether to come out for a visit. Sounds like a mainstream media thing designed to get airtime for ebikes, which is great! Since it's so close to you in NY it seems like a fun event to check out, let's stay in touch, maybe we'll cross paths there? Either way I can't wait to visit your shop in Holbrook, NY!

George J

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Did I miss something? The event isn't open to the public. " This is a trade event and is not open to the public. No personal buyers will be allowed into the show. To gain entrance to the show the company must apply to attend and be qualified by show management by providing materials confirming their role in the bicycle industry." Looks like fun but I think it's only open for buyers, sellers and those in the bike industry.


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I think you may be correct George, thanks for the clarification! Should be fun to keep track of and hear about (regardless of whether you can get in) because I'm sure Pete, me and others will be reporting on the event. If you guys have any questions or things you want to see just chime in here and I'll try to get it for you :)