Charger makes ticking sound and heats up significantly


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Good day

Recently, when i'm charging my battery, when the charging process is halfway, the charger begins to make a ticking sound.
It's just a clear *TICK* every 6-7 seconds.
Also, the charger (not the battery) starts heating up in this manner that I can't put my hand on it for more then a few seconds.
Additionally, I think that the battery doesn't get charged all the way to 100% anymore (more like 80-90%).
Does someone has experience with this or know what the issue could be?

The battery itself is almost 4 years old and the charger 6 months.

Thanks a lot in advance for the feedback!




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If the charger is making noise and getting that hot you have a charger problem. I can’t address the battery, but I’d sure be checking the voltage to make sure the bad charger hasn’t over charged the pack. There should be a BMS protection circuit for overcharging but not knowing any battery details we can only guess. I’d definitely stop using that charger. Even my cheap $10 fanless chargers don’t get that hot.

Take battery voltage measurements with a multimeter!

Posting some charger details and additional battery and system details.