Charger3 GT enviolo + 625Wh battery range



Im doing my first kilometers on new bike with 625Wh battery, currently i made 77km (39% no assistance, 37% eco, 20% tour, rest mix of sport/turbo), on one charge and 31% battery left.

I guess that last 31% could be for around 30km of eco riding maybe.

The question though is that what nyon shows does not seem to refelect how much i think i can do. i feel like nyon shows less than i can actually do riding the bike.

1. do you have similar experience ?
2. how much you think the range should be for (39% no assistance, 37% eco, 20% tour, rest mix of sport/turbo) style ?


If I recall correctly, the range estimate of the Bosch system is based on the most recent 3mi ridden, and I don't believe it takes mileage with the assist off into account when making the calculations.


That’s actually interesting how the remaining kilometers estimation works

I found in the settings of new nyon the range reset and was wondering what it is about

couldn’t found in manual more India about battery estimation