Charging a Yamaha battery and a Bosch battery with the same charger.


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Greetings from Somerset, UK. I have a Haibike with a Yamaha motor/ battery (500W/hr). My wife’s bike is a KTM with a Bosch system ( also 500W/hr battery). We like to go on multi day tours, and charge up at hotels overnight. Is there any way that we could make a charger or adapter so that we could tour with just one charger-rather than having to carry one each? Anyone solved this problem?! Thanks.


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Of course, they have to be the same voltage, and it's also good to have the same amperage. In my years of traveling with chargers and batteries first with cameras/camcorders and now with ebikes, it's a bother to run two or more packs on the same charger.

Let's say you have a 2A charger and 14 AH batteries. If you finish the day with both flat, you'll need at least 6 hours to put 12AH back into one battery, and then another 6 hours on the second. If both of you are asleep and forget, there goes the next day.


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actually they both are the same voltage. but how they charge may be different I now bosch has a temp monitor on the charger. there bosch is 4 amps and I bet the Yamaha is that or close. but the plugs re different. so right now your stuck with two chargers.

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Both systems are OEM and it is not possible to share a charger. Think of a battery as a computer with many cells inside.

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It's not as simple as an automotive charger with just 2 leads. There is communication between the Bike battery and the charger. Bosch does make a travel charger if you insist on having something smaller.


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Sorry, the world of smart battery packs is unknown to me.

Give me a dumb pack but if it is going to have some safeguards, put in GPS for theft and 9-1-1 calling in case of fire. Ha ha.


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but it is with Bosch.
Apparently it's on sale til Dec. 31.
Careful! Not exactly what most will want to risk.
"XLR to Bosch Adapter. Initial Pilot / Beta Batch for Early Adapters.
Note: Depending on circumstances, you will likely need to "force start" the satiator by pressing and holding lower button to start charge process."