cheap hub motor cover comes loose 140 miles


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I bought an ebikeling geared 48v 1200 w hub motor plus controller & PAS in August 2017. I only rode it about 20 miles because the battery I bought that year via Amazon and the one from e-bay the next spring were both bad. So October 2018 I bought a $630 battery from luna and a $189 throttle only DD hub motor kit via Ebay & installed it by January 2018. It worked. Heavy ******* and it chewed up 9 volts of a 17 AH battery over 30 hilly miles. Also was too wide to allow 8 speed freewheels. So in May I brought the geared hub motor wheel back to town and swapped it with the DD motor, the geared going on the front, the DD coming off the rear. Excellent, drew only 5 v on the same trip! Not as fast as DD. I got back the 8 speeds the bike came with on the original unpowered rear wheel.
BUT, after 2 trips of about 60 miles RT, I started hearing a big thunk every wheel rotation. The disk brake rotor had a scrub in only one spot. I had to thin down the mount for the caliper .025" with a file to even make it look like it was going to work with the geared hub motor. However, today I found the source of the thunk was 4 of the 8 hub motor cover screws were loose, one was missing. I had another 4 mm screw left over from the factory dumpster, and added blue locktite to 4 of the others before tightening.
Now the disk dragged on the caliper everywhere! So I filed the mount down another .010", success, maybe.
Word to the wise, check your fasteners. I had already had to tighten the wheel nut when the thunking began. It would have been nice if they had installed lockwashers, or locktite, but at $199 + freight there was a not a lot of fat in the product. I tried to buy a $2000 hub motor from Switzerland in late 2017, but none of the "US distributors" would answer my e-mails. Not goswiss, the wheelchair motor manufacturer. Luna was stocking only fat tire bafang geared hubmotors July & August 2017, that left my 1.95"-2.1" tire bikes out. Oh, well, nobody wants quality, they want first cost.
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