CheapAss Rack Works on my Trail

I decided I'd like to have the option of occasionally adding a rack to my G3 Trail and did not want to spend a fortune. So I did a little web shopping and found this cheapie:

Other racks are more expensive and did not look like they could be easily modified to fit, so for $16 why not? Of course if it didn't work I would not be sharing with my fellow Trail owners and it quietly ends up in the landfill. A couple of hours of figger'ng it out (no directions for that $$$$$ - plenty of pics on the web though), a purchase of some "corner brackets" from Amazon (, a few 5mm stainless Allen Head Socket Caps (the nuts it comes with appear to be stainless!), and some rubber washers to keep it from scratching the paint (and cushion the "load") and I've got me a pretty good rack - surprisingly solid.

It goes on and off in less than 5 minutes and even folds flat by loosening just a few nuts. If I have issues with the nuts shaking loose - the nuts are serrated to help alleviate that possibility - I'll use some Locktight or get some nylon lock nuts.

BTW, it looks like the rack will fit the G2 Tail. Don't know about the G1 or other bikes.


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